One of the fun things about our orchestra program is that we have nicknames for virtually everything.  Sometimes new people and visitors have a hard time deciphering what we’re talking about – so to make it easier for them – here is a glossary of our Mo terms.

Mo – any time you see Mo or MO – it stands for Memorial Orchestra.  This is the ‘root’ of our glossary.  It comes from one of the lost ancient languages.

BigMo – our pet name for our combined orchestras which meet on Monday nights.  We have two of these: BigMo5 and BigMo7

LittleMo – our normal daytime groups – there is the Sinfonia, Lyrica, two Philharmonias, and Camerata

MiniMo – our chamber music groups.  Each year – every student is placed in a small ensemble and learns chamber music for our first semester final 

PreMo – pronounced primo – is the time between set up and BigMo.  We often walk over to Kroger or Baskin Robbins for a snack 

MoJo – at other times – we walk over to Starbuck’s and get a coffee drink to keep our energy up 

AprèsMo­ – many times after BigMo – we are worn out but hungry.  A group of us will pick an area restaurant, invade it and stuff ourselves 

M.O.O. – pronounced moo – just like the bovine utterance.  This refers to Memorial Orchestra Olympics – the night we get together to do team building games 

M.O.O. II  - pronounced moo two (or too).  This is our second semester version of M.O.O. – and we invite special guests to join us 

ProMo – this is the name we have given our parents group: Parent Reinforcement Organization for the Memorial Orchestra 

S.O.M.O. – for Sprit of the Memorial Orchestra.  This is an award given by Mr. Shiu at the end of most years to someone who exemplifies the best of our students

And a FAQ:

What is the difference between SBISD and UIL Solo and Ensemble Contests?  

The SBISD contest is local - and is the same contest you have participated in while you were in middle school.  The UIL contest is regional - and you can advance to State Solo and Ensemble by making a First Division on a Class I (the most difficult) solo that is performed by memory.