Memorial High School has a diverse population serving students from Russia, Germany, Iraq, Iran, China, Korea, Greece, Thailand and many other countries.

Memorial offers varying levels of support for English Language Learners.

ESOL/English for Speakers of Other Languages

English 1 and 2 classes are lower level language classes to assist newcomers with limited English Language Skills. This is not an English Language Instruction classroom; however, students learn the basics of the English Language while growing in academic skills. Teachers are ESL Certified.

Sheltered Instruction

Sheltered instruction is offered for English 1, 2, and 3. This course mirrors an Academic English classroom at MHS but at a slower pace with a great deal of emphasis placed on context and vocabulary. Teachers are ESL Certified.

Sheltered and focused instruction is also offered in Social Studies and Biology.

All Memorial High School teachers are trained in ELPS, English Language Proficiency Standards. These standards help guide MHS teachers with strategies to assist ELL students.

Students taking any of the above courses receive regular course credit.

MHS does not offer English Language Classes.