Withdrawing a student from school is a multi-step process

  • A Withdrawal Authorization form must be completed by the parent/guardian with whom the student currently resides.
  • The Withdrawal Authorization form needs to be submitted to the registrar’s office as early as possible.
  • Upon receipt of the form, we send a “Heads Up” email to the faculty and process a Withdrawal Form for the student to pick up.
  • The student is responsible for cleaning out his/her locker; turning in textbooks and any items belonging to MHS; getting withdrawal grades from each teacher and clearance signatures from the bookroom clerk, library and grade level office. S/he returns the completed Withdrawal Form to the registrar’s office.
  • The student is given copies of documents that may be of assistance in enrolling at another school…report card, immunization record, withdrawal form, birth certificate, etc.
  • The new school will contact us, confirming that the student has enrolled. At that time we will send official records they request.