AP Testing

AP Exams will no longer be hosted at MHS. Collegeboard is working on an online solution that allows exams to be administered at home.

The College Board released additional information on April 3, 2020, regarding AP exam testing.  The update information can be found on the College Board website and the highlights are below:

  • The AP exam testing schedule is here.  Please read carefully so that you do not miss your exam test date. 
  • The exams will be 45-minutes long.  Specific questions that will be included on the exams can be found by scrolling down the page and clicking the '+' sign beside each course description here
  • You will need to manage your own time.  There will be a timer on the screen to assist you, but you must ensure that you successfully upload your exam responses within the specified time frame.
  • Please make sure you have a viable email address, as the College Board is sending all communications via the email address you used when registering for the test.  You will also receive your AP exam "join code" at this email address.
  • You may use your book or notes to help you answer the questions, but the College Board is taking test security very seriously.  They have incorporated multiple measures to ensure fidelity of testers and all students will be asked a series of questions prior to testing to establish identification baselines.

Your AP teacher is your best source for additional information regarding your AP exam.  Contact him or her, your campus AP Coordinator, or you may also email the Advanced Academic Studies department at advancedstudies@springbranchisd.com.