Memorial High School is a comprehensive public high school offering a rigorous college preparatory program   that supports excellence in academics and pride in performance.  Our graduates leave MHS productive, knowledgeable, and prepared citizens in a global workplace and changing world.

What services do Memorial High School counselors provide?

Professional School Counselors are available at Memorial High School to provide a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program and services for all students in the areas of:

Academic Counseling

Our counselors meet with every student at Memorial High School to understand their individual needs.  Counselors work diligently on tasks such as course selection, schedule modification, credit acquisition and review, teacher conflict, and class performance.

Social and Emotional Counseling

Social counseling includes helping students deal with everything from anger issues and bullying to death of a loved one.  While our school counselors aren't intended to be mental health therapists with on-going caseloads, they can be very effective as short-term therapists.  

College Counseling

College counseling requires researching and learning about prospective colleges for our MHS students.  MHS counselors offer suggestions based upon students needs, interests, and career goals.  Guidance is offered from the start of the application process through finding financial aid.

Students are welcome to stop by their counselor's office for anything they need to discuss.  Our doors are always open!