Field Hockey

Varsity 2017


Junior Varsity 2017



Training camp starts August 6th-17th (Monday through Friday from 5:30-7:30).  Paperwork needs to be in before August 6th.

Location is at Pech Field:

1601 Pech Road
Houston, Texas 77055

  1. Equipment
    • Provided (return at the end of the season):  Red/White Game Uniforms
    • Required:
      • Practice Tanks/Jerseys ($?? one-time purchase)
      • Field Hockey Stick
      • Goggles/Eye Protection
      • Mouth guard (suggest purchasing a spare)
      • Spandex shorts to wear under the skirt (any color or pattern)
      • Shin guards
      • Long red and white socks to cover shin guards (red with red uniform and white with white uniform)
    • Recommended
      • Cleats on grass fields
      • Tennis shoes/Turf shoes on Astroturf
    • Optional
      • Field Hockey glove (to cover left hand on the upper part of the stick)