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Memorial and Stratford High Schools celebrate National Signing Day

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Memorial and Stratford high schools hosted their Spring Signing Day festivities in early February and 8 student-athletes signed their letters of intent to play collegiate sports as their classmates, friends, family and coaches cheered them on.

“I think it’s just a remarkable day to see our kids reach this pinnacle, to be able to compete at the college level whether it’s division one, two or three, junior college or any level might be,” said Paige Hershey, SBISD Executive Director of Athletics. “All of our kids do a great job in the classroom as well! They are very elite athletes to be at this point and have shown great commitment, including everything that's come before this in terms of commitment by their family and the community, to be involved, their own coaches and the athletic trainers, everybody! So we are very proud of them.” 

The opportunity to participate in collegiate sports is a great achievement. Students must have good academic standing, leadership skills and exceptional sportsmanship. 

SBISD builds on the strengths and gifts of Every Child and is dedicated to ensuring they achieve T-2-4 success. Signing Day strengthens that vision and highlights that graduates are reaching that goal. 

“It’s a very exciting day for the athletes, their parents, their teammates, coaches, everyone that’s been involved in [the athletes] whole journey,” said Todd Rankin, Stratford High School Campus Athletic Director and Head Football Coach. “We even have youth league coaches sometimes that come out and watch these signees, so it’s a fun day to see everything they’ve been through since they were a little-bitty athlete all the way to being a high school athlete. It’s a very fun day for everyone involved!”

This Signing Day, students committed to schools across the country including Southwestern University, Rhodes College, the U.S. Naval Academy, among others. 

“It’s one of those days as an athletic director that I can sit back and just be happy to be a part of it, I’m just so proud of them,” said Hershey. 

During the Signing Day events, families and friends excitedly took photos with the student-athletes and congratulated them on their accomplishments. 

As Memorial High School Campus Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Gary Koch said in his opening remarks, “Let them sign and let’s celebrate!”

Congratulations to these student-athletes! 

Memorial High School

Christophe Gadin - Southwestern University - Swimming
Christo Langford - Southwestern University - Tennis
Jackson Mathers - Southwestern University - Lacrosse
Ben Donaldson - Southwestern University - Lacrosse
Ian McCormack - Rhodes College - Cross Country
Egor Morozov - Lamar University - Tennis
James Klingberg - University of Louisiana at Lafayette - Football 

Stratford High School

Sophie Corbeil – Wesleyan University - Volleyball
Izzy Rodriguez – Southwestern University – Volleyball
Lizzie Emerson – Naval Academy – Soccer

The mission of SBISD Athletics is to transform lives through the power of sport: one student-athlete, one team, one community at a time. By building on the strengths and gifts of each student-athlete and coach, SBISD Athletics plays a crucial role in helping Every Child achieve T-2-4 Success.
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