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Celebrating the Class of 2024: Lucas Cabos


“I will miss all my friends since I first started kindergarten at Valley Oaks Elementary School.”

What did you enjoy most about going to school in Spring Branch ISD? 

I loved the new Memorial High School building, its excellent science classrooms, and a brand-new cafeteria. I also enjoyed many classes there, especially environmental science and physics.

During your high school years, which activities did you participate? 

I was deeply involved in cross country for all four years of high school. The early morning practices were a challenge, but the sense of accomplishment from pushing my limits was worth it. Additionally, I was a part of the Memorial Mustangs Feeding Houston Club, where we volunteered at the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church’s food pantry every other Saturday. The feeling of giving back to the community was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. 

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen about to start high school?

My advice to incoming freshmen is to prioritize their grades. The grades you earn in 9th grade contribute significantly to your overall GPA and class rank, a fact I only realized in 10th grade. I think understanding this earlier would have benefited me greatly. 

What will you miss most about Spring Branch ISD?

I will miss all my friends since I first started kindergarten at Valley Oaks Elementary School. I may only see my high school friends a few more times after graduation.

What is one fun or surprising fact about you?

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy playing the guitar. I started playing around a year ago, and it has become one of my favorite hobbies.

Where are you headed next? 

Next year, I'm attending Western Colorado University, nestled in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. While I haven't decided on a major yet, I’m leaning towards something in the field of environmental science, a subject I'm passionate about. I'm looking forward to the new experiences and opportunities that await me there. 

I picked Western Colorado University because it is a smaller school and because of the outdoor activities I can participate in off-campus, such as skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

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Celebrating the Class of 2024: Lucas Cabos' cross country and volunteering were defining experiences in SBISD. His advice to freshmen? Prioritize grades! Next stop: Western Colorado University for outdoor adventures and possibly majoring in environmental science. Congratulations, Lucas!🌲 #SBISDProud