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BPA Team Secures 2nd Place at National Leadership Conference



Memorial High School’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) team had an outstanding performance at the recent National Leadership Conference in Chicago.

Under the guidance of dedicated Career and Technical Education (CTE) educator Lindsey Bowman from Memorial High School (MHS), the BPA team showcased their skills and expertise, bringing home honors.

With two qualifying teams representing MHS, the Economic Research and Financial Analyst teams demonstrated their prowess. The Financial Analyst Team secured second place overall in the finals. The team, comprising Palloma Dinesh, Peter Hixson, Raquel Olivares and David Xu, showcased problem-solving and determination throughout the competition.

Additionally, the Economic Research Team, including Reed Ingersoll, Henry Lanier, Austin Le and Kenneth Simpson, exhibited commendable performance and dedication, contributing to the overall success of SBISD at the conference.

Lindsey Bowman expressed her pride in all eight students, highlighting the rigorous competition they faced to qualify for Nationals from the highly competitive Texas pool.

"I am proud of all of them," said Bowman. "Making it to this level of competition is extremely competitive."

The success of the team at the National Leadership Conference not only highlights the students' talent and hard work but also underscores the district's commitment to providing exceptional CTE opportunities for its students.

Congratulations, Mustangs!

Learn more about Career and Technical Education (CTE) in SBISD here.

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📣 MHS's BPA Team Places! The Business Professionals of America (BPA) team clinched an impressive second place at the National Leadership Conference in Chicago. Kudos to our outstanding students for their remarkable achievement! 🌟 #SBISDProud